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  • Buying vs Hiring your Access Platforms by J. Norris (Published: 2nd July 2018)
    As I moved up in the building contracting world, I worked on increasingly large jobs. Sites putting up multiple residential houses, large office blocks, shopping centres, things of that order. Parallel to my career was changes in the worlds of construction equipment. ... More »
  • Simple steps to improve your productivity as a freelancer by Paul Silver (Published: 29th June 2018)
    When you are self employed, more time spent working means more money. However, too much working gets you burnt out and means less money over time. One problem I realised early on in my freelancing career was although I was sitting at my desk all day, some days I woul... More »
  • When to use a Mobile Tower by Alan Collins (Published: 23rd February 2014)
    If you need to work high up, whether that's for hanging advertising, carrying out building work, or electrical work like fitting lights, you need to be able to get up there and work safely. The traditional way of working high up is using a ladder. If you're working f... More »

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